Shed construction in harsh environments

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The wide brown land of Western Australia is full of beauty, but it is no secret that the landscape can be unpredictable and harsh.

At Anderson Construction, we have decades of experience in shed construction in harsh environments, meeting the needs of our clients to construct sheds for industrial, commercial, mining, farming and lifestyle purposes.

It’s a team effort to operate a shed construction company in the Peel Region climate and conditions, but our family-owned and operated team is truly up to the task.

James and John Anderson live and breathe shed construction, with more than 30 years of combined industry experience and the knowledge to see your shed project through from design to finished construction.

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Sheds in the Peel Region of Western Australia

The diverse climatic conditions of the Peel Region of Western Australia can make conducting your core business operations challenging, without the right warehouse or shed.

At Anderson Construction, we create a shed solution that meets the highest demands of structural integrity, usage and longevity.

Sheltering animals, protecting farm equipment or designing a warehouse to conduct your business are among the many reasons you may require a shed, and our team understands that these needs may all require customised shed options.

We handle all aspects of the building process, including procurement and compliance – taking into account and mitigating any risks associated with the varying climate of the Peel Region.

Our processes employ the latest technology and reduce environmental impact and our team has an envious safety record that showcases our professionalism and outstanding capability.

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Mining sector sheds in the Peel Region

Western Australia is renowned for its rich natural resources, and the Peel Region is no exception.

The Peel Region is dominated by mineral processing mines, with bauxite, gold, mineral sands and alumina found in this area.

Mining operations require the use of large-scale machinery, which needs to be sheltered from the extremities when not in use, and processing facilities for the resources mined.

At Anderson Construction, we have vast experience in handling the strict compliance requirements of the mining sector and are industry leaders in functional safety.

Our expert team can deliver construction solutions for the mining sector across the Peel Region and beyond, including the well-known mining areas of the Pilbara region, goldfields and north of Western Australia.

We work hard to customise our capabilities to suit each customer’s individual needs, despite the extreme environmental conditions.

If you work within the mining sector and require shed construction of any kind, our specialised team is available to help.

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The Anderson Construction team works with our clients across the full lifecycle of a shed construction process, no matter what type of shed you’re building and taking into account the environment in which you operate.

We are a reliable, proactive and solutions-focused company and the Anderson brothers’ combination of expert skills makes them a formidable team – ensuring the delivery of high-quality custom construction solutions on time every time.

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