Fit-for-purpose farm sheds

Diary cows in modern free livestock stall

If you live on the land, you need a farm shed or two to protect the livestock or equipment that is integral to the successful operation of your farming business.

At Anderson Construction, we have built our reputation as Western Australia’s leading fit-for-purpose farm shed design and shed construction company, with a combined 35 years of industry experience.

As a company, we started out as dedicated shed builders and refined our shed design and construction processes as we built our company from the ground up.

These days, we are still delivering fit-for-purpose farm sheds that exceed our customers’ expectations, but we have also expanded into a larger range of commercial and industrial building solutions.

This increased scope has afforded us the unparalleled industry experience and contacts required to be your first-choice fit-for-purpose farm shed provider in Western Australia.

Aerial view of Outback Cattle mustering featuring herd of livestock cows and bulls in drought and dusty area.

The safety and comfort of your animals are priorities

At Anderson Construction, we are renowned for offering our clients value for money and uncompromising quality.

We understand that, when it comes to protecting farm animals and livestock, a farm shed must meet a range of specifications.

When designing and constructing a fit-for-purpose farm shed, we factor in functionality and durability, first and foremost, but we are proud to also provide our clients with products that make an aesthetic impact – our sheds are good looking too!

To design a fit-for-purpose farm shed, Anderson Construction works closely with each client, designing a custom building that is fit-for-purpose and blends seamlessly into its environment.

Depending on the operation of your farm, you may only require a small domestic installation to house your animals or, on a larger scale, extensive rural shedding may be required.

We take into account our clients’ needs to not only house their animals, but the feed and equipment associated with taking care of them.

You can trust that Anderson Construction’s expertise in shed design and construction will ensure whatever design you choose for your farm shedding, we’ll build it to last.

Have questions about the shed options available for housing livestock on your farm?

Contact the Anderson Construction team today to discuss your farm shed options.

Milking shed in a farm

Storage and protection of farm equipment

Farms don’t operate without machinery.

At Anderson Construction, we understand that you have invested a lot of time and money into selecting the right equipment for your farming operation.

Our Australian-manufactured, premium BlueScope steel sheds can be customised to store and protect your important farm equipment.

Our team works closely with each client to ensure the specifications of their farm shed construction will offer the functionality, durability and visual appeal they are looking for to give their farm equipment a forever home.

We have the experience and knowledge to suggest the right farm shedding options to suit your needs, and the know-how to construct a shed to weather the harsh conditions of the Western Australian landscape.

If you have important farm equipment to house on your farm, contact the team at Anderson Construction today to discuss your options for a shed to protect it.

tin shed under stormy sky

From simple to complex shedding needs

Unsure of the type of farm shed you need?

The team at Anderson Construction has combined experience in designing world-class sheds that spans more than three decades.

We’ve designed and constructed sheds for many clients across many sectors throughout WA.

It is our specialty to make suggestions to you about the right type of farm shedding to suit your requirements, but we don’t expect you to approach us with anything more than an idea – we do the rest!

Our capabilities range from simple residential sheds to complex fit-for-purpose workshops and our team can offer advice on anything and everything in between.

Our expertise in designing fit-for-purpose farm shedding solutions is our bread and butter, and our success with many past clients is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Whether you require a simple domestic shed or a complex multi-use facility, Anderson Construction is your first choice for quality, consultation and design expertise.

For peace of mind, exceptional quality and value for money, contact Anderson Construction for all your fit-for-purpose farm shed design and construction needs.

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