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Helping a WA's premier chocolate maker expand its foothold

Anderson Construction has been delivering commercial building solutions of the highest quality for two decades. Our experience in construction is unparalleled, and being a family-owned business, you know your project – no matter how big or how small – will get the care and attention it deserves.

We spoke with Mark from Bahen Chocolate, one of Western Australia’s premier chocolate manufacturers, to find out just how Anderson Construction goes the extra mile for our clients.

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A reputation built on quality

Bahen & Co is one of the few chocolate makers in Australia. That’s different from being a chocolatier, which is how most chocolate is produced here. Bahen & Co imports the best cacao beans from around the world and processes the raw product to create pure, high-quality chocolate, utilising a traditional approach that returns to the slower pace of a much simpler time.

“When it came time to expand our operations in Margaret River with a new retail store and manufacturing facility, I did the responsible thing and went out to tender, but the unique skills and experience of the Anderson brothers made them the only real choice for us. Obviously, having worked with them before was a big thing, but the choice primarily came down to pricing – they were the most competitive by far.” – Mark, Bahen Chocolate.

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From the ground up

The combination of needing a retail base and a manufacturing facility posed a unique problem for Anderson Construction, in how to optimise both builds individually and still make sure they worked together.

“They get the job done, which is the only real test you’ve got when it comes to whether a project is successful or not. I can’t complain about the quality – they met our expectations and then some! They always deliver on what they say they’ll do. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for quality building solutions. It’s a combination of everything we’ve talked about – pricing, exceptional communication and a can-do attitude to solving problems. We’re extremely happy with the end result,” says Mark.

In today’s competitive market, the team at Anderson Construction understands how important efficiency and reliability are to the commercial sector. As an industry leader in commercial construction, our modern building solutions integrate the best available technology to boost efficiency, lower production costs and guarantee the highest quality, meeting all your unique construction needs.

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High-quality service and solutions

At Anderson Construction, we pride ourselves on providing exceptionally high standards of workmanship across design, planning and construction. We’re reliable, proactive and solutions-focused, and we genuinely care about your specific needs.

“Working with Anderson Construction was great. They have a real can-do attitude, with a problem-solving approach to any issue that crops up. If a contractor let them down in any way, their general approach was to say, ‘Let’s fix it ourselves,’ and just jump right in. They’re great communicators too, which you don’t often get.”

You can trust that the Anderson Construction team will go the extra mile to meet your needs, delivering what no one else can. While you’re busy running a successful business, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with operating out of a purpose-built facility that is tailored to your specific requirements.

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