Industrial construction for harsh environments

The Peel Region and beyond in Western Australia is renowned for its beauty and riches.

It is an unpredictable landscape, and when setting up a commercial warehouse or shed, you need industrial construction to withstand the harsh environment.

Anderson Construction, formerly Anderson Sheds, has been building the most comprehensive industrial sheds and purpose-built commercial constructions for decades.

Our knowledge of the local environment and how conditions can turn like an applauded ballerina is unsurpassed.

Working closely with the mining sector in arid and hostile environments, we’ve sharpened our ideas and forged our designs to deliver industrial and commercial warehouses, mining facilities and large commercial and domestic use sheds, cementing our reputation as WA’s superior design and construction company.

Attention to environmental detail makes all the difference

The climate from the coast to the interior can vary greatly. When considering industrial construction, we consider the effects of extreme heat and cold, wind, rain, salt, dust and other potentially hazardous factors in our design and construction techniques. Additionally, the orientation of the building will influence its capability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

At Anderson Construction, our experience with the local terrain and weather patterns make all the difference in the long-term viability of your construction. We leave nothing to chance in assuring what we build can take nature’s punishment.

Warehouses and custom sheds that meet the highest demands

We are warehouse and shed building specialists, designing and constructing customised dwellings for farms, industrial warehousing, commercial operations, mining and even aircraft hangers.

We possess a seasoned knowledge of the diverse climatic conditions of our region. We design and build to meet the environmental demands and the end-user.

We are uncompromising in our industrial construction capability that encompasses design, planning and finished product quality.

We handle all aspects of the building process, including procurement and compliance. Employing the latest technology, we mitigate risk and reduce environmental impact.

Pile of sands in a shed

Cost effective, safety oriented and environmentally responsible

We’ve been successfully building industrial facilities for the mining sector throughout Western Australia for decades.

Some of our constructions feature in Australia’s most remote and adverse environments.

We are acutely aware of creating cost-effective solutions while maintaining our superior safety record and commitment to environmentally responsible construction methods.

From the city to the outback, the planning, attention to detail and quality of our industrial construction solutions are what set Anderson Construction apart from our competitors.

To experience a superior level of professionalism, contact our team today.

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