Shed building compliance and safety standards

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There are specific compliance requirements for building a shed that differ depending on the size of the shed and its purpose.

At Anderson Construction, we have been delivering safe and compliant buildings across Western Australia for nearly two decades.

As a certified company, we guarantee compliance while working to Australian standards, and we’re proud of our demonstrated, long-standing safety record.

No matter what the purpose of your shed is, from a lifestyle shed to a large industrial warehouse, Anderson Construction offers a full range of shed-building services that meet all compliance and safety standards.

Shed building and health, safety and environment standards (HSE)

At Anderson Construction, our modern construction solutions integrate the best available technology to boost efficiency, lower production costs and guarantee the highest quality, meeting all your unique industrial construction needs.

At the forefront of every project we undertake is a solid plan to ensure all of our operations meet HSE standards with the focus on safety paramount at all times.

The harsh Western Australian landscape informs higher standards of safety and compliance than other areas of Australia and our team has the local knowledge and experience to ensure these standards are upheld.

If you are unsure of the safety and compliance standards required to accommodate a shed construction for your farm or business, trust Anderson Construction to take care of all of your safety and compliance needs.

From the moment we sign the contract to when you sign off on the final build, Anderson Construction takes care of everything, keeping you updated with regular progress reports as your new building takes shape.

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Shed building that is safety oriented and environmentally responsible

Want a shed builder who knows how to ensure the safety of your project and work in an environmentally responsible manner?

Anderson Construction’s extensive industry knowledge informs much of our practice in constructing warehouses and sheds for customers in challenging locations within strict compliance and safety guidelines.

Our team members are experts in creating cost-effective shed construction solutions while maintaining our superior safety record and commitment to environmentally responsible construction methods.

If you are seeking safe, cost-effective construction and the assurance of environmentally responsible practices, contact the Anderson Construction team today.

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Why trust Anderson Construction?

Reliable, proactive and solutions-focused, the Anderson brothers’ combination of expert skills make them a formidable building company, ensuring the delivery of high-quality custom mining construction solutions on time every time.

From the city to the outback, the planning, attention to detail and quality of our construction solutions are what set Anderson Construction apart from our competitors.

To experience a superior level of professionalism, contact our team today.

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