Building a custom shed? Important things to consider

At Anderson Construction, formerly Anderson Sheds, we know sheds. Well. We are shed building specialists, designing and constructing customised dwellings for farms, industrial warehousing, commercial operations, mining and even aircraft hangers.

Based on our years of experience, we share our top five custom shed considerations we suggest you make before installing or erecting your custom shed.

Industrial buildings

Shed classification

Sheds are useful for a multitude of applications and purposes. Our clients have used them in construction, industrial, commercial, rural and recreational environments. How you will use your shed will define its classification and whether this building will require approvals.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) classifies a shed used as a private garage, carport or custom shed as a Class 10a building. It must be a non-habitable building defined by the code as “spaces that are not occupied frequently or for extended periods.”

If you will be using your shed as a room such as an office, living room, or playroom, the BCA will classify it as a Class 1 building, which will require the necessary compliance and planning approvals.

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Shed approvals

The national guidelines that govern shed installations are:

  • A shed must be installed behind the front setback line
  • A shed must be at least 900mm from each boundary
  • A shed cannot interfere with any fire safety measures, entry or exit points
  • A shed should not hinder any vehicle sightlines
  • A shed must comply with the necessary safety codes and standards
  • A shed must be built using quality materials capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions
  • A shed must allow for adequate stormwater drainage
  • A shed cannot be placed in a conservation area.

Specific shed rules may differ between council districts and across state lines. Heritage and conservation areas will also specify shed installation guidelines.

engineer Hand Drawing Plan On Blue Print with architect equipment discussing the floor plans

Shed orientation

A shed’s orientation is an important, often overlooked step in the shed installation process. Based on what you plan to use your shed for, deciding which direction your shed should face has the potential to affect climate control within the shed. It will also affect how the shed will manage adverse weather conditions.

Most of our weather comes from the west in Australia. North-facing sheds or buildings will take advantage of the most natural sunlight, whilst south-facing sheds will receive the least sunlight.

As experts in shed design and construction in Western Australia, we understand local weather conditions and the terrain, so we design our shed solutions to consider the unique WA environment.

New construction of a warehouse

Shed foundation

This is the most critical part of any shed installation. The shed foundation requires expert advice and recommendation. It must be level and offer the correct amount of water drainage. The location and ground may affect how deep the foundations must be, and the size of the shed and its contents will define the necessary reinforcement required.

Our highly skilled builders are experts in shed installations, and our full suite of shed services means that our design engineers and project managers will plan the foundations for your shed during the planning phase. This guarantees that regardless of what you may use your shed for, you can be assured that the foundation will meet the capacity needs.

Roof top of a storage building or a shed

Shed materials

We have been delivering safe and compliant shed solutions across Western Australia for nearly two decades. Our modern construction solutions integrate the best available technology with the highest quality materials.

Working across industries like mining and construction, it is essential that we meet exceptionally high compliance standards. Our sheds are built to last, and to meet these standards, we only use the best quality materials to withstand the harsh Australian elements. There are no shortcuts when procuring our materials, and we are incredibly proud of our regularly demonstrated, long-standing safety record.

To discuss the considerations for your custom shed or to speak to our design engineer team about your custom shed, contact us today.

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