Custom shed construction in Beela

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At Anderson Construction, we are renowned for our exceptional communication skills and the support we offer clients looking to have a custom shed built. This case study shows one happy customer’s custom shed.

Our high standards of workmanship and tireless commitment to quality projects and service mean we are often referred to new clients by word of mouth.

Grant Johnson, from Beela, was referred to Anderson Construction by a friend when he began formulating ideas for a custom shed project.

We spoke with Grant about the ins and outs of the project and what it was like working with the Anderson Construction team.

Honesty and delivering on promises

How would Grant sum up working with Anderson Construction on a custom shed project?

“Everything they told me would happen actually happened – you don’t always get that.”

Grant first connected with Anderson Construction after a friend suggested the company.

He had wanted to build a custom rural lifestyle shed, but didn’t know how to approach the project.

He was also concerned about materials shortages, but the team at Anderson Construction easily cleared that speedbump thanks to their long-standing industry contacts and fine-tuned procurement processes.

“They were honest around delivery times and that was really important to me because I knew that materials would be hard to come by in this environment.

At the time, there were materials shortages everywhere and I knew that getting the things we needed might be a really difficult task, but Anderson came through.

The project was well-planned and executed and there was no problem.”

Grant’s shed project was “different in a lot of ways” but he said that fact didn’t faze Anderson Construction.

“I wanted to do a couple of things differently and that was fine, we worked around that – they were actually really accommodating in every way.

I wanted to have more control over some parts of the construction process, like the concreting, and that was, once again, no problem at all for the Anderson team.

Anderson is flexible, and I wanted flexibility.”

Making it happen

Grant didn’t have prepared specifications when he approached Anderson Construction about his custom shed project, but the team had some great advice to make his project idea come to life.

“I had no actual specs, so we started from scratch workshopping that with the Anderson team.

We did some stuff that is not normal shed project stuff. For example, I wanted to put a caretaker’s cottage in there and I wanted a full solar system put through and they worked with me to make all of that happen the way I wanted it.”

Got a custom shed project idea that you’d like to see come to life?

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Construction in harsh conditions

The thing that impressed Grant the most about working with Anderson Construction was the follow-up service, which he described as above and beyond.”

This was particularly evident when it came to ensuring his shed project was up to surviving the harsh conditions of its environment.

The Anderson Construction team has decades of experience in shed construction in harsh environments, meeting the needs of our clients to construct sheds for industrial, commercial, mining, farming and lifestyle purposes.

“We are in a farming community and an area with really strong easterly winds,” Grant said.

“These harsh conditions were accommodated for within the build, but the guys from Andersons came back after the build was done and actually strengthened it more in a couple of areas.

I didn’t ask them to do that; they came off their own bat and made sure they checked it and really went the extra mile.

Anderson Construction wants to make sure that if they’re putting their name to something they have got it right, that everything is working properly and that there’s no troubles down the track. I appreciated that.”

Simple, complex and custom sheds in WA

Unsure of the type of shed you need?

The team at Anderson Construction has combined experience of more than three decades in designing world-class sheds.

We’ve designed and constructed sheds for many clients across many sectors throughout WA.

It is our specialty to make suggestions to you about the right type of shedding to suit your requirements, but we don’t expect you to approach us with anything more than an idea – we do the rest!

But don’t just take our word for it – our customers can vouch for us, like Grant Johnson.

“Anderson Construction has a really good bunch of people. They’re a family business that lives up to their name and does what they say they’re going to do.”

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