Mining camps and workshops

Lighted Super Pit

At Anderson Construction, we have a strong reputation for delivering building solutions that meet the unique, specialised requirements of our clients.

As a family-owned Western Australian company, we have lived experience operating in the harsh elements that this part of Australia is subject to and have extensive experience assisting clients in the mining industry to meet their unique construction needs.

We understand that site consideration is of the utmost importance for any mining project, and our mining sheds and workshops are fully engineered to meet your needs and stand up to the specific conditions of your site.

Ask us for advice on cost-effective ways to customise your mining workshops to meet the specific requirements of your site.

Whatever your needs are for mining camps and workshops, Anderson Construction has you covered with customised construction without compromise.

Mine site heavy equipment storage

The heavy equipment used on a mining site needs protection to ensure a return on your investment.

At Anderson Construction, we know all about what you will need to protect against the elements in this wide brown land of Western Australia that we call home.

Our superior engineering and unique design elements can be tailored to your project to ensure cost-effective machinery and heavy equipment maintenance facilities.

Our mining workshops and sheds can be built to ensure the security of your equipment to mitigate your site against theft.

Our range includes a number of multi-purpose mining sheds to store equipment or a bespoke construction to suit specific needs.

Know the scale, layout and requirements you need to safeguard your mining equipment?

Anderson Construction has an end-to-end construction capability to meet your mine site construction needs.

Customised mining workshops

A mining workshop is often the centre for repairing, maintenance and servicing of equipment.

Anderson Construction can customise our extensive range of sheds to fit the layout and requirements of your mine site workshop.

Our full suite of commercial and industrial construction solutions ensures a smooth, cost-effective outcome, on time and to specification every time.

We understand that mining facilities and support infrastructure are subject to extreme weather conditions, including storms and excessive heat.

We have a wealth of experience in constructing mine site buildings to withstand these extreme conditions.

Anderson Construction always undertakes extensive consultations with our clients to make sure any construction is fully engineered to meet your needs and stand up to the specific conditions of your site.

Contact us to discuss your mining workshop requirements.

Experience in the WA mining industry

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of our happy clients in the mining industry.

Mining and civil contracting company MACA has been working with Anderson Construction for more than five years to meet the unique needs of its gold mining and civil-engineering sites.

The Anderson team has extensively consulted with the MACA mining team to provide cost-effective building solutions to meet their needs – including their requirement for a heavy vehicle workshop at the Karlawinda mine site near Newman in Western Australia.

Within three months from the date MACA enquired about a building to handle the heavy workload of plant and equipment maintenance, drill and blast and load and haul activity, Anderson had delivered the finished shed project.

Want this type of turnaround on your Western Australian mining site?

Anderson Construction is a one-stop shop for all your rural, commercial and industrial building needs.

Our experienced team works closely with you to design and construct high-quality buildings that meet your unique needs.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements.

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