Barn style agricultural sheds

There are many different types of farm sheds to choose from, as farm shed uses range from protecting livestock or equipment to processing and warehousing.

A recent trend on farms across Australia has been the construction of barn style agricultural sheds that take their inspiration from the American ranch style aesthetic.

Undeniably an attractive design, the barn style shed is suitable for many different uses and attracts customers seeking a rural lifestyle shed.

At Anderson Construction, some of our residential range of sheds and workshops can be purchased in kit form and come complete with comprehensive instructions so the home handyman of any skill level can install them.

But if you’re looking for something a bit more out of the box, we can also customise the shed design to suit your needs and ensure it is fit-for-purpose.

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Shed aesthetics across Australia

At Anderson Construction, we are shed building specialists – designing and constructing customised dwellings for farms, industrial warehousing, commercial operations, mining and even aircraft hangers.

We have our sheds manufactured in Australia, using premium high-tensile BlueScope steel and each one comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, and while we work hard to deliver outstanding value for money, our sheds are also undeniably good-looking!

We understand that many of our agricultural customers are seeking a shed that not only meets their needs and adheres to safety standards, but also looks aesthetically pleasing.

The barn style agricultural sheds that have become so popular recently are best known for their triple-roller door frontage, with a larger central bay between two smaller bays.

If you’re seeking something like this type of shed customisation, contact our team today for a discussion.

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Shed prices you can afford

The great thing about working with a company like Anderson Construction is not only can we customise the shed to look the way you want, but we also work within your personal cost parameters for the project.

Our team members are reliable, proactive and solutions-focused, and we genuinely care about your specific needs.

Our long-standing industry connections mean we have refined our procurement methods to ensure access to the best possible materials at the best possible price – ensuring your project stays on track and on budget.

Connect with our team to discuss your shed needs and your budget parameters today.

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Sheds that look good, work well and don’t cost the earth

Regardless of your location or construction needs, James and John are more than happy to discuss your unique building requirements – obligation free.

When designing and constructing a fit-for-purpose farm shed, we factor in functionality and durability, first and foremost, but we are proud to also provide our clients with products that make an aesthetic impact – like barn style agricultural custom sheds.

We work with our customers to design a shed that looks the part, performs to purpose and fits in with their individual budget.

You can trust Western Australia’s family-owned industrial and commercial construction experts, Anderson Construction, to meet the unique needs of your project.

Contact us now to discuss your custom construction needs.

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