Men’s Sheds and community shed construction: Anderson’s involvement

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Anderson Construction has been a firm supporter of the Men’s Sheds of WA Organisation and the Australian Men’s Shed Association, building community sheds to foster kinship among the men of WA.

The Men’s Sheds of WA Organisation has an established network of men’s sheds for men to go to throughout WA. Falling under the Australian Men’s Shed Association as the peak body, the Men’s Sheds initiative has captured the hearts and minds of all of us at Anderson Construction.

As an industrial construction and shed building company, we build numerous Men’s Sheds throughout WA each year.

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Men’s Sheds are not just sheds

One element of the initiative that our team at Anderson Construction appreciates is that Men’s Sheds aren’t just the physical shed building. Men’s Sheds refer to the community of men, the combatting of loneliness and the forming of kinship.

These sheds are a safe haven for folks from all walks of life to shoot the breeze, bond over mateship and combine their skills to make something special.

And with this definition of Men’s Sheds, we’re absolutely thrilled to do our part in shed construction to achieve these goals.

While the Men’s Shed movement started right here in Australia, it’s since spread to other countries like New Zealand, the UK, Canada and South Africa. But here in WA, our community sheds are going strong, offering a place for people to come together, learn new skills and give back to the community.

The Anderson Construction approach to an Aussie Men’s Shed

Our team members are industrial construction experts who enjoy playing our role in supporting the goals of the Australian Men’s Shed Association and the Men’s Sheds of WA Organisation by constructing high-quality, custom sheds that provide safe and productive spaces for men to connect.

By working with the AMSA and MSWA, we can help by creating the physical structure that ensures a supportive and inclusive environment, promoting mental health and wellbeing.

To ensure that the sheds meet the specific needs of each community, we work closely with the community shed initiators to identify the key requirements of each project. This could include the shed size, type of materials used and any additional features that the community may require, such as accessible entryways or additional storage space.

A recent Men’s Shed we built in Waroona

We completed a large Community Men’s Shed in Waroona in the Peel region in Western Australia about three years ago.

Our team was honoured and excited to be part of this project, knowing that we’re contributing to a healthier community. The men who work in this shed on a daily basis enjoy camaraderie and forming new friendships.

By taking a collaborative approach and focusing on the needs of each individual community, Anderson Construction can help to create a truly fit-for-purpose space that meets the unique needs of each community shed in WA.

How to get involved

There are over a thousand Men’s Sheds around Australia, and the number of Men’s Sheds in WA is rapidly growing, demonstrating the success of the Men’s Shed initiative.

At Anderson Construction, we will continue to support the MSWA’s main goal: “That all men have the opportunity to join a Men’s Shed community; enhancing their well-being and health and enriching their lives and the lives of people in the local community.” (Read more about their vision here.)

If you have some time on your hands and would like to contribute to your community, or you just feel the need to connect with other men, get involved in the MSWA organisation here.

If you are in need of a community or Men’s Shed builder – look no further. Contact us today to discuss your vision.

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